Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fairy Pillow

For the pillow I worked up one of each of the four Fairy Squares.


Polyfiber filling

Tapestry needle

Matching thread or yarn

You will need to figure out how you want your fairies facing and place them together. With right sides facing, sew the four pieces together.

For the back of the pillow turn the pieces so that the right side is facing out and upside down. From the bottom pick up 100 sts.

All odd #rows: Knit

All even # rows: Purl

Continue doing this for 150 rows.

Fold the front and back in half with right sides facing. Sew up sides and most of top. You'll want to leave a space big enough for your hand to fit through with stuffing.

Turn the pillow right side out by pushing material through the opening. Make sure the coners are pulled out all the way.

Start stuffing! I used a knitting needle to help push the stuffing into the corners. Keep stuffing until the pillow reaches the thickness you want.

Sew opening up.


Rain Keltoia said...

That is just BEAUTIFUL woman!

DDCKnitt said...

I'm sooo loving this pillow. My 12yr old daughter already is picking out colors. Great job.

Terese said...

What a lovely pillow! It's so cute! Well done! :)