Sunday, March 2, 2008

Felted bag

This was my first attempt at felting, and it turned out pretty well. The pictures are after one run through the washer. I'm going to run it through one more time and add a liner.
Lamb's Pride Bulky Charcoal Heather, 2 skeins
(85% wool, 15% mohair)
Size 8 needles
Tapestry needle
Cast on 30 stitches.
Work in St st for 30 rows.
Bind off
Cast on 30 sts
Work in St st for 30 rows
Row 31: K2tog, k to last two sts, skpo
Row 32: Purl
Continue decreasing until you have 20 sts.
Rows 40-45: Work in St st
Bind off
Handle, sides and bottom:
These are all one piece.
Cast on 10 sts.
Work in St st to desired length.
Bind off.
I sewed the front piece and the handle together first and then the back.
With right sides facing, line up one end of the handle piece to the top of front piece. Sew together. You should havea long piece of the handle left after you've sewn it onto the front leave it for now.
Sew back piece onto handle. Once the three pieces are sewn together, sew the handle ends together.
I washed my bag in the washer and then pulled it out and put it around a cereal box to dry. Once it is dry you may want to add a liner. The pictures here are before a liner has been added. I've used the bag without one and it's held up just fine.